Veterans of the Armenian Army

Dear friends!

I’m sharing with you a video from my photo studio in Yerevan, where I filmed a project about veterans of the Armenian Army, as well as a video of my meeting with one of the heroes of the 44-day war, whom I found a year and a half upon dramatic events in the intensive care unit of the military hospital of Stepanakert…

October 28, 2020, Sergeant Sarkis Harutyunyan was taken to the intensive care unit of Stepanakert Hospital in a coma, where I was on assignment with a camera in my hands. Six minutes of stress in intensive care… A year and a half later, we met again. Sarkis lost both of his legs, but managed to recover, learned to walk again on prostheses. Now he’s got a job, engaged in sports, recently married. Strong, modest, always wears a smile on his face. He’s not a broken man – he knows how to live.


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