Armenian Journal:

No victory without sacrifice

Dear friends!

This documentary photography project is named “Armenian Journal”. The project is designed to record the most important changes taking place in the country as Armenia seeks to recover from its tragic defeat in the 44-day war in late-2020 with Turkey-backed Azerbaijan.

Victories inspire and defeats – teach. Just as Armenia must come to terms with the shock of defeat, I also feel a personal need to document developments and changes that stem from the most crushing losses. I believe that Armenia, a country with a naturally gifted people and exquisite culture, will be able to mobilize itself. It’s very important for me to walk this same path with its people and to reflect everything that happens in the clear, undistorted mirror of true journalism, so that a year from now people will appreciate the real cost of victory.

The project started production in October 2021 and will be completed by November 2022. During this period, I will do my best to document the republic’s most important events and developments.

Without getting distracted by the political agenda, I’m going to focus on a rich spectrum of subjects: how ordinary farmers live in different areas, what an Armenian school in the provinces looks like, how the police and prison system function, what’s the situation in the healthcare system, what appeals to us in Armenian culture, and the diversity of night life and entertainment in the republic.

Of course, I will include Nagorno-Karabakh in this. I intend to unearth and tell compelling human stories that craft an individual Artsakh element into the general pattern of this project.

Here, on this project site, I will tell you about work in progress and about my travels across Armenia, including with some photos and video