Land of Artsakh. Here’s where the Armenians live.

Dear friends!

I’m sharing my first photo gallery exclusively from Armenian Artsakh, taken in October-November 2021. I was lucky both with the weather and the people I came across – they were kind and hospitable. 

It was fun (I came across local moonshiners and they drunk me under the table) and delicious (at Tagavart village locals fed me with freshly baked bread and excellent cheese). At Gandzasar monastery right after morning mass I managed to photograph a church wedding of a young couple from Yerevan. At the village of Haterk local bees were kind to me and ignored my cheeky harassment of their wonderful beehives. 

In general, I found that people are very poor, to say the least, but so soulful. The hospitality of the Artsakh Armenians simply has no end. 

I invite everyone to a tour of Armenian Artsakh. 

And, yes, here’s a short video about my work on this beautiful land.


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